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Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts

Country:   Bahrain
Industry:   Sweets and Nuts
Main Apps:   Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Point of Sale, Accounting, Invoicing, HR
Number of Users: 5
Customer Success Manager:  Ahmed Sami Radhi
Implementing Consultant:  Ahmed Sami Radhi

Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts  is a renowned sweets and nuts company. Based in Bahrain, the company has a rich history of providing high-quality traditional sweets and nuts to customers across the region. Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts has always been known for its commitment to tradition and quality, and its dedication to using only the best ingredients.

However, the company faced several challenges, including managing its inventory, sales, accounting, and point-of-sale operations manually. To overcome these challenges and innovate its traditional business, Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts turned to Odoo.

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With the help of Odoo's Purchase, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Point of Sale, and Accounting applications, Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts was able to streamline its operations and improve overall productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Odoo's Inventory application helped the company track its inventory levels and expiration dates. This allowed Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts to avoid stockouts and reduce waste, ultimately leading to increased profitability.

The Odoo Point of Sale provided the company with a reliable and efficient point-of-sale system to manage their transactions, including product configuration, invoicing, multi-currencies, taxes, invoicing and delivery addresses, and subscriptions. Other features included refunds and credit notes on POS, cash control, inclusive taxes, and integration with payment methods such as Sadad, Benefit Pay, and more.

Odoo Accounting helped Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts manage their finances effectively while adhering to local laws and regulations. The application provided options for invoicing methods, fiscal positions, multi-currency, taxes, refunds, payment registration, and more.

In addition to these applications, Odoo's Manufacturing application helped Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts manage its production processes more efficiently. The application allowed the company to plan its production, track its progress, and manage its bills of materials and routings.

Overall, by using Odoo, Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts was able to innovate its traditional business and improve its operations. The company was able to focus on what it does best – creating high-quality traditional sweets and nuts – while leaving the backend operations to a reliable and efficient system.

Mukasarati Sweets and Nuts

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